Milisa Marx

Counselling Psychologist

BA (US) HEd (US), Hons Psych. (Unisa), MA Couns..Psych. (NMMU)

I believe people can live emotionally healthier and happier lives and therapy plays a key role in facilitating this process.

My therapeutic approach is determined by clients’ unique needs and therapeutic goals and emphasises three key elements:

  • Development: Contribute to clients’ healthy development by supporting and enhancing wellness and encouraging holistic growth;
  • Prevention: Identifying and developing clients’ existing skills;
  • Remediation: Support to clients struggling with adjustment, developmental and psychological issues.

I offer individual therapy to adults dealing with:

  • Trauma-related symptoms;
  • Anxiety- and mood-related difficulties such as social anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder;
  • Relationship challenges;
  • Adjustment difficulties, including divorce, loss and grief;
  • Self-development and personal growth challenges.