Stephanie van der Berg

Counselling Psychologist

BA, BA Hons (NWU) MA Psych (UNISA)

I am registered with the HPCSA and have been in practice for nearly 3 decades. As a psychologist I strive to create a safe space in which the client can work at the healing process, be supported in times of distress and gain personal growth.

The ability to understand oneself and others, relate to others, overcome the challenges/traumas of the past and adapt to changing environmental circumstances and demands is the essence of growth and emotional healing. In the absence of this ability our personal, relational and/or professional lives will suffer and become dysfunctional. I am passionate about how to equip and motivate the client to move beyond a mere symptom-free life towards a life of meaning and abundance.

As psychologist I am very comfortable and experienced in the cognitive-behavioral, client-centered and solution-focused approaches. The philosophies and scientific studies related to Positive Psychology are strong interests of mine and an ongoing study.

My areas of practice and special interests are psychotherapy and counselling with adults, adolescents, couples, parents and families. I mainly focus on problems related to:

  • Depression, Anxiety, stress and panic attacks
  • Relationship problems, marital conflict, guidance through and after divorce, parent-child conflict and communication breakdowns.
  • Parental guidance during and after divorce, dealing with the “difficult” child (tantrums and defiant behavior), Discipline nightmares, Teenage/adolescent problems, behavior modification.
  • Teenagers’ self-image and self-confidence problems, peer intimidation, social media intimidation and addiction.
  • Psychometric assessments to determine reasons for academic failure/under-achievement.
  • Trauma
  • Adjustment difficulties
  • Eating disorders

I work in close collaboration with various psychiatrists in the area and form part of the support team for clients admitted to psychiatric clinics in the Northern Suburbs.

Public speaking regarding my fields of interest is one of my passions and I am also involved in support for the care givers of the Parkinson support group Southern suburbs.