The Psychologists at Durbanville Psychologists offer a variety of services to individuals and families across all age ranges, cultures and languages. These include Individual Psychotherapy for personal difficulties, mood/anxiety disorders, trauma, addiction, personal development and conflict management. Furthermore, we also offer marriage/couples counselling to individuals with relationship difficulties.

Psychotherapy with children is tailored individually according to each child’s needs. Working with children often entails working with parents/primary caregivers. We value a holistic approach and therefore often connect with other professionals including teachers and other medical professionals (such as Psychiatrists).

We also offer Psychometric assessments for children and adolescents who present with scholastic/concentration difficulties. Specialised Neuropsychological assessments are also offered to adults who present with neuropsychological difficulties.

For more information about each Psychologist please see “our Psychologists”. Also feel free to contact our office at 021 975 2230/1 for more detailed information.